Why Dubai is the best yacht rental destination?

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Dubai is a city of gold having a never-ending quest to glare everyone in the beauty of skyscrapers and new projects. It has tall buildings, dancing fountains, and fascinating views. Every other day is a new beginning for the city, of Dubai. Local people, as well as the visitors, enjoy the beauty of this city. There are a lot of attractions in Dubai. People here live luxurious life.

When it comes to luxury, Dubai knows no bounds. There is plenty of places to visit and things to see in Dubai. Dubai offers unlimited man-made places that we can’t imagine are not natural. The soothing environment with blue sky is so mesmerizing that yacht rental in Dubai is the main attraction for everyone here.

Dubai is the best yacht rental destination for the following reasons:

Unmatchable views

While sailing under blue sky, many iconic views can be seen. Yacht rental Dubai allows you to appreciate the beauty of Dubai and Blue Sea. Seeing many breathtaking views from air is unmatchable. Renting a yacht will give you the opportunity of looking the eye-catching views all around Dubai.

Delicious food

Locals or visitors both enjoy the variety of food cuisines onboard. While booking for the yacht rental Dubai food course is chosen also and then it will be enjoyed by you and your loved ones. There is a personal chef available who will cook according to your preferences.

Satisfaction in life

Sparing your life from the hustle and bustle of life of Dubai, online shopping  chartering a yacht rental Dubai will give you satisfaction of mind and body. The cool breeze and refreshing environment surrounding you will give you peace.

Dubai offers the best yachts

There is a wide range of yachts depending on the type of event and gathering.

  1. Lotus Mega Yacht

Spacious yacht of about 220 ft size, with front-end sun deck and a wide variety of food cuisines. Lotus mega yacht can accommodate 500 guests who can have the luxurious experience of yacht rental in Dubai. This yacht has everything which can give someone breathtaking views of Dubai. Professional staff is present onboard which will handle the gathering with full care. Proper catering is done for you and delicious food is served. A lavish dinner on lotus mega yacht dinner cruise will be unforgettable for the guests.  All you need to book the yacht beforehand. There is everything onboard what a person can have for a lavish event or stay.

  1. Desert Rose Yacht

It is a luxurious yacht of about 155 ft size with an accommodation of 200 guests. A wide variety of food courses is available by paying some additional charges. Guests will have a unique experience of sailing onboard. It can be booked for different events like corporate events, meetings, seminars, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and other family gatherings.

  1. Virgo Yacht Cruise Dubai

One of the most beautiful yachts from the bucket has a watercraft which proves to be the most eye-catching feature of it. Its style and interior are very modern and many important events can be planned on this majestic yacht of about 88ft in size having a capacity of 65 guests. A range of delicious will be added on demand. The blue water of the Arabian sea will leave an unforgettable memory for the guests.

There are many more options also available, so make up your mind and book your preferred yacht to enjoy the beauty of Dubai.

Mala yacht Rental Dubai

Discover the beauty of Dubai with mala yacht services. With the most exquisite yachts in the bucket list, come and experience the personalized cruise program with the highly professional captain and team so your trip becomes memorable for you. Mala Yachts is the oldest and most top-rated company for organizing events on yachts in Dubai.

Freshwater, multi-star services, mouth-watering cuisines, breath-taking views, and courteous crew members is a blend to prove you the best in us. The specialized charters will make you enjoy every moment of life. Sway with the rhythm of the sea’s musical waves on a perfectly designed yacht for your comfort and fun. You will see many other companies too in search list but we organize only maa yacht due to our personal corporate event.

Flaunting a fleet of all in exclusive yachts from 33 to 220 ft, our yacht hire service can serve for every type of events and gathering. You can have birthday parties, bridal shoots, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding ceremonies, and much more onboard with us and we will make your event such special one that you don’t regret of your decision of choosing us.

For the luxurious taste, every bit is designed and made so that whatever is your requirement it is done for you. Enjoy the freedom from the hustle and bustle of life with our flexible options, easy booking and proper safety measures.

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