Indonesia: Tourism and Tips for travelers

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Bali was the destination chosen to set foot in Asia and the first impression was disappointing. But don’t give up on your itinerary, nor on reading Indonesia tourism tips until the last paragraph. After all, it was my mistake to create a huge expectation on an island massively overrun by tourists. I realized this when I had the opportunity to go back the way I like it, accompanied by locals and exploring little-known destinations.

One thing is for sure, all trips to Indonesia were intense and full of learning. The first time was as a family; the second was a press trip accompanied by other travelers who are experts in capturing the essence of the places; finally alone and again in Bali, but with a different perception. Tips  to organize trips

I understand that the humid heat, the dirt, the amount of people and the chaos in the traffic make anyone dizzy. So, expect this without high expectations, is the first tip to enjoy a perfect trip. Invariably, the gateway to the country will be on the populous island of Bali or the island of Java, so there is no escaping the chaotic first impression.

Indonesia: tourism and tips for travelers:

What is and where is Indonesia:

Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is an archipelago nation made up of 17,000 islands positioned along the Equator. It is the largest and most populous country in the world situated solely on islands. The portions of land divide the Pacific and Indian Oceans, in addition to connecting the continents of Asia and Oceania.

Indonesia is synonymous with paradise for surfers, divers, biologists, partygoers and any tourist interested in culture and nature. The country of volcanic mountains is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, large tropical forests with endemic flora and fauna and a culturally rich people. Not for nothing, its motto is “unity in diversity”.

Although Bali is its main tourist destination, the capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, on the island of Java, and there are many others to visit from east to west. The main islands are Kalimantan (shared with Malaysia and Brunei), Nusa Tenggara, Papua (shared with Papua New Guinea), Sulawesi and Sumatra. Click Here For Big Island ATV Tour

How much does it cost to travel to Indonesia:

Traveling through Indonesia is very cheap when compared to beach and nature destinations on the planet, including the famous ones here in India. Transport to more isolated places or entrance fees to reservations can be high, but the value for money is worth it. And if you prefer to travel in luxury and never have enough money to afford it, this is the place to experience sensational resorts and villas at reasonable prices. The cool hostel starts at 10 dollars with breakfast and the wonderful royal suite where I stayed in Ubud costs 150 dollars for two people.

Food expenses won’t be expensive either, local restaurants serve dishes for 1 dollar while the more popular tourist ones start at 5 dollars. A dinner at the fancy hotel where I was staying cost 20 dollars with well served seafood and drinks.

Scotter through the streets of Yogyakarta, Indonesia:

If you have the courage to drive in the left hand, renting a motorcycle is the most economical, however, not prudent in chaotic traffic. A private car with a driver guide for 4 people costs about 40 dollars a day.

Tickets for temples and artistic performances cost less than $5 or are free. When hiring a driver or driving on your own, you must provide for expenses with food and entrance fees to attractions. According to the itinerary, it is worth hiring an all-inclusive tour.

Mobile data:

Being connected all the time is not just for posting on social media. Mobile applications make the traveler’s life much easier and bring peace of mind in different situations. Even those who feel the need to disconnect on vacation, it’s worth it for safety, from knowing your location on the GPS to quickly contacting someone in case of an emergency. The cost varies according to the duration of the trip, being around U$3 per day.

I recommend buying before boarding and receiving the QR code on your cell phone, so you can use it as soon as the flight attendant allows you to use the device without having to change the chip. In fact, I just ordered Holafly for my next trip and I’ll tell you about the experience soon. Enjoy and use the Territories coupon for 5% off.

Currency and Exchange:

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the official currency and is greatly undervalued against our real. To give you an idea, 1 dollar is worth about 14,000 rupees. And here’s a tip for exchange, don’t take change. 100 dollar bills are worth more than 10 10 dollar bills, for example. Get tips to buy dollars in India at the link.


The prices are great to buy clothes, crafts, silver and art objects. Just be careful about the next country to be visited, some do not allow you to enter with certain natural materials such as wood. Even warning that the final destination of the object will be India, they can get in trouble for entering the country. I was highly recommended about this when I was in Australia and I was spending a few days in Bali, I couldn’t bring anything of animal or plant origin in my suitcase.


Indians  who travel to Indonesia for tourism do not need a visa to enter and move around the country for up to 30 days. The mandatory requirements are:

  • Covid vaccine certificate in English for over 18 years old
  • Yellow fever vaccine
  • Passport valid for more than 6 months and not valid for emergency
  • Some cash (equivalent to more than IDR 500,000)
  • Round trip tickets
  • For trips longer than 60 days, it is necessary to apply for a visa in advance at the Indonesian Embassy in your home country.

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