USA: Tips for organizing your trip

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How to organize a trip to USA? When to go, what to bring, how to get there and all my tips for enjoying a holiday without surprises on the island of the wind. Are you thinking of moving to the Canary Islands instead? At the bottom of the article, I’ll tell you our story!

1. When to go to USA:

The Canaries are the islands of eternal spring and USA is no exception, quite the contrary. Among other things, due to its position, closer to the African coast, it is also the hottest. However, there are slight differences that can make some times better than others. To organize a trip to USA it is necessary to take into consideration some aspects that will certainly make your experience more enjoyable. ATV Tour in LA

It is a windy island, the windiest of the Canaries, which is why it is a destination for kiters and sportsmen in general. The wind can be very strong, but this happens for a few days, only to return to a light breeze that, I assure you, is really pleasant in the heat.

In recent years the weather conditions are more unstable here too but, in my experience, the best months are from September to December while the ones I would avoid are January to March. The summer months can be indicated as the heat is mitigated by the wind, therefore dry and very bearable.

2. What to bring on your trip to USA:

Temperatures are never too low. The lows range from 15 degrees in the winter months to 22 in the summer months, while the maximums range from 21 degrees in the winter months to 29 in the summer months. The real difference, as already mentioned, is the wind. When it’s strong, especially in winter, it can be really cold. For this reason, a heavy shirt, a hooded sweatshirt and a k-way are essential for shelter when the sun goes down, as well as a pair of long trousers for the evening. If you are cold, and are traveling in winter, also consider a light duvet.

During the day, however, it will almost always be hot (unless it is covered) and you can safely stay in a bathing suit in any season. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hiking shoes are also essential. In fact, if you want to do some simple volcano hikes, the rocky terrain can be quite slippery. Tennis shoes can also be fine as long as they have a little grip in the sole.

As for the beach, in USA you will find the most beautiful beaches in the Canaries. Some of beautiful golden sand, others rocky, which is why if you have some rock shoes they can come in handy. Same thing for bathing. If you don’t suffer too much from the cold, many people do it in costume. However, consider that it is always an ocean so the water is colder than that of the Mediterranean. If you prefer to be more covered or even plan to surf, a wet suit is essential.

3. How to get there:

By plane with an international flight
From Italy there are several companies that fly direct to USA, you will be spoiled for choice. For example, Easy Jet, Air India, Qutar Airways.

By plane with an internal flight:

Another option, if you want to visit more islands, is to reach USA with the internal flights of Canary flights. These are low cost airlines that connect the islands and which I recommend because they take very little. The costs are affordable but pay attention that often the default option on their local sites provides for resident rates, which are really low but which are obviously not valid if you are not. Therefore, always make sure that it is the rate for foreigners. Los Angeles Spots

By ferry:

Another option to reach USA is the ferry. The main companies linking the Canary Islands, Fred Olsen and Lineas Romero. Use a site like Direct Ferries to do a generic search on the dates you are interested in in order to see the companies, timetables and fares available but then book directly on the official website of the company you have chosen Guest posting sites.

4. How to get around:

By car:

The easiest way to visit the island and get around is definitely by renting a car. Among the companies I recommend there are three very reliable local rental agencies. Book directly on their official websites because they have the best rates. Also book well in advance because, following the pandemic, there is a shortage of cars (car rentals have had to sell part of them to compensate for the losses), so they sell out quickly.

Traveling by rental car to other islands by ferry is not always allowed. Ask the company if it is foreseen, otherwise you risk that the insurance will not cover you in case of problems.

By bus:

If you want to travel by bus instead, remember that here they are called guaguas (you will find this word written at the stops) and take a look at the timetables of the James transport company. Be well organized with regard to coincidences as well.

If you decide to stay in the north of the island, you can also rent a scooter and possibly opt for organized tours / excursions to visit the other areas (there are not many, these are 2/3 excursions)


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